Ward 1 Justice of the Peace & Constable, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

Serving Moss Bluff, Gillis, Birdnest and Topsy

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

To contact the Constable:

Phone: 337-526-9379 days

E-mail: Ward 1 Constable

Is the Constable like a sheriff?

Yes. The Constable has all of the powers of a sheriff within his jurisdiction, which includes criminal and civil authority.


Does the Constable work for the Sheriff?

No and Yes. The Constable is a separate political office from that of the Sheriff, however the person who is elected as Constable may be employed by the Sheriff as a part-time Deputy Sheriff or may contract with the Sheriff to perform certain duties for the Sheriff. (Generally, a Constable may not be a full-time Deputy Sheriff).


Can the Constable arrest people or write tickets?

Yes. Within his jurisdiction, except litter tickets, which he can write parish wide.


Can the Constable marry people?

No. However the Justice of the Peace can marry people.


How do I find out who my Constable is and how to contact him?

Go here Calcasieu Parish Police Jury for a list. If you live in Ward 3 or Ward 4, your constable is the City Marshal.


Does the parish furnish the Constable’s car or pay his gas and insurance?

No. Each Constable must provide his own vehicle. The parish and state pay a small monthly salary to help compensate him for his expenses.


Can a Constable use his “unit” for personal use?

Yes. Because its his vehicle, he may use it for personal use.


How long is the Constable’s term?

Constables serve six-year terms.


Is the Constable full-time?

Yes, but he’s considered and compensated as a part-time elected official.


What kind of training does the Constable receive?

Constables are required by law to attend annual training sessions conducted by the Louisiana Attorney General. These sessions include courses in litter investigation, self-defense, arrest techniques, and other courses to enhance his law enforcement knowledge. In addition, he is required to qualify annually in the Peace Officer Standards Committee’s firearm proficiency course to legally carry a concealed firearm.